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Good Morning Y'all!

Welcome and thank you for visiting our shop.  Read ahead to learn  a little about us and what we are trying to do with our brand, Loof Life... 

We are New Jersey natives that transplanted to the sun shine state of Florida in 2009. I, Deborah, grew up in a blended family and am the youngest of 8 siblings. My husband, Michael, is an only child.  We met at work and on an inventory over-night shift we were able to work together, which broke the wall of fear which provided us the pathway to additional opportunities to further connect.  During the time working together we realized that we both separately were experienced in the many ups and downs in our lives, as faith would have it our paths had crossed at the perfect time.  We were facing new life experiences and obstacles and did not have many non-bias supporters around us.  Over the next couple of years we connected and provided support for each other, no matter what we were facing we knew that we would be there to talk to, to help rationalize, overcome and succeed.  We shared many heart aches, much confusion, a lot of laughter and joyous and even a few tearful moments, no matter the season we stayed intentionally present for each other, tried to keep smiling, spread joy and laughter and to find a win in every situation.  In 2003 we moved in together, in 2007 we got married and here we are!

Through many of our seasons of life one thing that we always leaned on was our faith and love for our family, friends and anyone our paths had crossed.  No matter how alone, scared, broken or fearful anyone might have been we always wanted to support them and celebrate with them even on the tiniest wins.

  • Do your socks match? Great - That's a win! 
  • Did you have milk for your coffee or tea?  Wonderful - You're winning! 
  • Did your toilet flush or is your refrigerator running?  Alright now that's awesome! - Big W!

We want to spread awareness to all that by having faith, staying humble and celebrating the little wins in life you will see that Love Overcomes Our Fears.  If you do not know, you will soon learn that you are not alone, there is always someone in your corner, even when you try to push them away.  In life sometimes laughter is the best medicine but other times a good cry is, and that is ok for that moment, in that season.  Take that time to refresh and renew your faith in yourself and ability to keep going.  No matter if your traveling, at work or school, celebrating or just lounging we want to provide you with a great product that will be able share our vision that Love Overcomes Our Fears  

Thank you again for coming and helping us spread our vision.  

Love and blessings,

Loof Life


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